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  • Production line of solid preparation
  • Pellets and microcapsule coating production line equipment
  • Fluidized bed granulation, coating, dryer series
  • Wet mixing granulation, pelleting, drying series
  • Tablet coating machine series
  • Silo mixer, total mixer series
  • Hopper lifting, turnover, vacuum feeder series
  • Dryer Series
  • Other auxiliary equipment
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Large production workshop
Innovative technology concepts, collaboration, own R & D team, gathered more than ten years of technical experience. In accordance with quality certification standards, professional corporate management concepts.
Diverse products
With professional-grade drying equipment engineers, tailor-made product solutions tailored to your own needs according to customer needs and budgets. High-quality and efficient to meet your requirements, professional customer service staff to answer your questions!
With a professional team and one-stop service for customer needs, we patiently communicate with users, understand the actual needs of users, and provide users with innovative design solutions. We guarantee to provide users with spare parts service for at least 10 years.
Engineering case . Creating greater value
—— Manufacturing manufacturers and application service providers ——
  • DLP fluidized granulation coating experimental machine

    DLP fluidized granulation coat···
    Application: DLP-mini experimental machine is specially designed for research work in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Through modular design, it only needs to change the product container to realize the granulation, pel

  • DLP fluidized granulating coating machine

    DLP fluidized granulating coat···
    Features: ● It combines granulation, pelleting and coating functions. ● Granulation of powder materials. ● Powder coating. ● Powder material pellets. ● Chinese medicine spray granulation and coating. ● Prepare 10-30 mesh granule

  • FL-B boiling granulator (one-step granulator)

    FL-B boiling granulator (one-s···
    Features: ● Through powder granulation, improve fluidity and reduce dust flying; ● Improve its dissolving performance through powder granulation; ● Mix, granulate and dry in one machine to complete one-step granulation; ● Using anti

  • LDP-B fluid bed coating machine

    LDP-B fluid bed coating machin···
    Application: ● Fluidized bed coating machine is a new type of particle coating equipment that organically combines fluidized coating technology and spray technology. It is widely used in membrane controlled release, matrix sustained contr

Zhiyang Machinery . Manufacturing manufacturers and application service providers

ZY Zhiyang Machinery specializes in designing and manufacturing powder solid preparation equipment.ZY Zhiyang combines credible technology
with continuous innovation and performance value. We are a manufacturer and supplier of good solid preparationprocess solutions for the pharmaceutical
, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and health products, veterinary medicine, and additive industries.
  • Top 10 Enterprise Certificates
  • CE certification
  • Certificate of Safety Standardization
  • New foreign trade registration form
  • Boiling granulator
  • Public trust certification
  • New Customs Registration Certificate
  • Wet CE
  • New copy of business license
  • Honest enterprise Certificate
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High-speed mixers generally refer to hig···

Fluidized bed gran···

In order to achieve repeatability and tr···


Zhiyang solid preparation production line equipment advantages

The GFL solid preparation production line unit produced by Changzhou Zhiyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the traditional granulation proc···

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