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Why do high-speed mixers often have problems? Poor maintenan

Date:2020-02-22 09:38:37
       High-speed mixers generally refer to high-speed mixers in the plastics industry. Other industries also have high-speed mixers and are widely used in fine chemicals, feed, electronics, food, hard materials, ceramic materials, biology, medicine, non-metal mining, Better mixing for building materials, coatings, dyes, fertilizers and metal powders. Shear-sensitive crystalline powder, batch product mixing, liquid into solid. After daily use, I also need to perform regular maintenance work. I will tell you about it. The high-speed mixer must be performed according to the operating procedures of the equipment. This is good maintenance of the equipment. Pay attention to the equipment after it starts normally. Add and mix. Add the materials slowly in the required order. Prepare seals, rubber rings for couplings, V-belts, and rolling bearings. The working parts of these parts are prone to failure. They should be replaced in time if necessary. Periodically (generally one quarter). Check whether each fastener is loose. v The tightness of the installation; all parts of the equipment should be cleaned and decontaminated.
       High-speed mixer maintenance can generally be performed once a year. Pay attention to the following points to check and adjust the gap between the mixing paddle, scraper and the mixing chamber wall to meet the requirements of the following table. Disassemble each rolling bearing, clean and inspect; replace the worn parts. Replace the grease and seal ring, check whether the main drive shaft is bent or worn. Check the cleaning cylinder, replace the seal ring and the guide sleeve wearing parts, check whether the piston rod is bent and deformed, and check the main parts. Record, test if necessary, prepare parts and accessories, and propose next repair and replacement.
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