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● Pharmaceutical industry: granules of tablets, granules, capsules; granules of proprietary Chinese medicine with low sugar and no sugar; 
● Food: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granulated juice, condiments, etc . 
● Other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizers, pigments, dyes, etc. 
● Set spray drying / fluid granulation in one to realize one-step granulation of liquid materials; 
● Adopting spraying process, especially suitable for micro-auxiliary materials and heat-sensitive materials, the efficiency is 1-2 times higher than that of FL boiling granulator; 
● Some products have a final moisture content of 0.1%, equipped with a powder return device, a granulation rate of ≥85%, and can produce 0.2-2mm particles; 
● Improved design of the internal mixing multi-fluid atomizer can handle some extracts with a specific gravity of 1.3g / cm3. 
● At present, this series of products have achieved PGL-150B, and each batch can handle 500kg.

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