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      ZY Zhiyang Machinery specializes in designing and manufacturing powder solid preparation equipment. ZY Zhiyang combines trusted technology with continuous innovation and performance value. We are the manufacturer and supplier of the best solid preparation process solutions in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and health products, veterinary medicine, and additive industries. 
      Zhiyang has deep expertise and unparalleled technical know-how in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. We have small-scale, medium-scale, production-type equipment and self-contained systems. Complete production line can be used for powder processing, various oral solid preparations, such as capsules, granules, tablets, etc. 
      Zhiyang has many years of experience in design, production and manufacturing, and has successfully installed and commissioned various production line equipment around the world. Zhiyang has an in-depth understanding of various key tasks, such as batch and continuous granulation, drying, pelletizing and fluidization. Coating, mixing, tabletting and tablet coating, closed-flow recyclable sieving, CIP online cleaning system, etc. 
      Zhiyang has its own laboratory and cooperates closely with customers to provide small and medium-scale experiments to solve practical application problems of processes and equipment for customers; from material testing to equipment selection, from installation and commissioning of equipment to producing qualified products , We will provide customers with thoughtful and meticulous technical services. 
      Zhiyang is your one-stop supplier of solid preparations, providing you with a robust, flexible and cost-effective manufacturing solution that maximizes operational reliability and production capacity. We provide a variety of process technology solutions and have many engineering project experiences. We can find the most suitable solution for you according to your specific requirements and applications.

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