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Fluidized bed granulator reflects energy saving and environm

Date:2020-02-22 09:41:59
      In order to achieve repeatability and traceability of equipment in the production process or after production, fluidized bed granulator manufacturers use a certain storage function when designing the fluidized bed granulator, of course, a certain amount of production technology Parameters, not the particles produced.
      This function can be set by each user according to the number of varieties. Fluidized bed granulators are generally required to be able to store 50 production processes, but most domestic equipment can not do this.
      The fluidized bed granulator and wet granulation production process uses a high-speed rotary wet granulation unit to synthesize granulation linkage lines. At present, many domestic pharmaceutical companies have been widely used. According to the principle of domestic equipment selection: energy saving and environmental protection.
      Energy saving advantages of fluidized bed granulator:
      The basic principle of a fluidized bed granulator is to blow wet particles to a convection state by heating the air. The hot air takes away the evaporated water or organic solvent to dry the wet particles. This involves the treatment of air. problem.
      At present, many domestic manufacturers configure the air treatment unit as: primary effect filter-electric heating (or steam heating)-fan-medium effect filter-fluidized bed dryer, it is as simple as that. When the fluidized bed granulator is running, the internal particle trajectory is also closely related to air heat exchange. At present, the air at the bottom is usually blown up to make the particles convective. The time that the particles stay in the air is the moisture in the particles. The evaporation time, the bottom of the fluidized bed granulator manufactured by Zhiyang uses fish-scale air outlets, so that the particles rise spirally in the cylinder, effectively increasing the length of the streamline and the time of heat exchange with the air, making full use of Out of energy.
      Fluidized bed granulation mechanism granulation process includes three steps, namely dry mixing, spray granulation and drying, through which the required particle size and moisture are obtained. The scale-up from a small test scale to the production scale depends on the equipment design, and in terms of equipment size and components, there may or may not be scale-ups. The particle quality depends on the spray granulation stage. During the granulation stage, the solvent of the binder liquid evaporates rapidly and the particles continue to grow.
In the three steps of fluidized bed granulation (dry mixing, liquid spray granulation and drying), liquid spray granulation is the most critical stage, and it also needs to be monitored most. Particle formation and growth, dispersion, and solvent evaporation all occur at this stage.
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