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The spiral revolution and rotation cause the material to produce a composite motion in the cone, which mainly produces four motion shapes:
1. The spiral revolves along the wall to make the material move circularly along the cone wall;
2.The spiral rotation causes the material to rise spirally from the bottom of the cone;
3.The compound movement of the spiral axis and rotation causes a part of the material to be absorbed into the spiral cylindrical surface while being subjected to the centrifugal force of the spiral rotation to cause a part of the material in the spiral cylindrical surface to be discharged radially toward the cone;
4. The rising material is removed by its own gravity. The four kinds of movements produce convection, shearing and diffusion in the mixer, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform express delivery.
Used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, petroleum, metallurgy, building materials and other powders and powders (solid-solid), powders and liquids (solid-liquid), liquid-liquid (liquid-liquid) mixing, reaction, drying ,cool down.

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