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Application note: 
 ● Changzhou Zhiyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of granulation, pelleting, coating, drying and solid preparation equipment. The solid preparation granulation drying line unit is designed based on the characteristics of solid preparation production technology at home and abroad. The online operation process of the method, which effectively combines wet granulation, wet granulation, boiling drying, dry granulation, material transportation, mixing, etc., is suitable for the pre-to-process of tablets, capsules, etc. produce.
Structural features:
 ● The on-line unit consists of vacuum feeder, high-speed mixing granulator (wet granulator), wet granulator, boiling granulator dryer (fluidized bed granulator dryer), dry granulator, Composition of hopper elevator, hopper mixer, sifter, etc; 
 The on-line unit adopts full-automatic sealed loading, unloading system, pipeline connection, quick-open clamp connection, no dead angle, easy disassembly, easy cleaning, good airtightness, reducing possible links of pollution, so that during the production process Be free of dust, improve production efficiency and reduce labor; 
 ● Solid preparation granulation drying line unit, this equipment unit meets the new version of GMP in higher standards in aseptic production, air purification and other hardware and quality control, process tracking software; 
 ● The fluidized bed is designed according to the pressure resistance standard of 2bar, and the components of the whole machine have a good grounding method; 
 ● Cart-type dry granulator, convenient and flexible installation; 
 ● Made of full stainless steel, and the parts in contact with the material are made of 316L high quality stainless steel; 
 ● PLC intelligent control, high degree of automation, convenient operation and maintenance. 
 ● According to customer requirements, automatic cleaning nozzles can be set at multiple points, so that CIP cleaning can be reliably guaranteed.

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