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GHL type high-speed mixing granulator is a high-efficiency equipment that mixes different powdery materials into granules in one process, and is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
 ● This machine adopts horizontal cylinder structure, and users can choose freely.。 
 ● Inflatable sealed drive shaft can be switched to water during cleaning. 
 ● Fluidized granulation, granulation is approximately spherical, and fluidity is good. 
 ● 25% less adhesive than traditional process, shortening drying time. 
 ● Each batch is only dry mixed for 2 minutes, granulated for 1-4 minutes, and the work efficiency is 4-5 times higher than the traditional process. 
 ● Completed in the same closed container, dry mixing-wet mixing-granulation, shortening the process and complying with GMP specifications. 
 ● The entire operation has strict safety protection measures. 
 ● Can be made into jacket type according to user requirements 
Working principle:  
  ● The powder material and the binder are fully mixed into a wet soft material from the bottom mixing slurry in a cylindrical container, and then cut into uniform wet particles by a high-speed crushing paddle placed on the side.



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