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Turnover mixing hopper is the main turnover container in the solid production production process. Hopper mixer container. Materials can be used in the same container for different purposes to achieve frequent procedures such as non-returning and non-feeding. Cross-contamination. Fully meet the requirements of GMP for pharmaceutical production.
Turnover mixing hopper is made of high-quality austenitic stainless steel, all corners of the inner and outer surface pages are arc-transitioned, no dead angle and no residue. The inner surface is highly polished with a roughness of Ra≤0.2 um, and the outer surface is matte-finished with a roughness of Ra≤0.4um. The bucket cover does not have a silicone rubber sealing device to ensure the tightness of the turnover hopper; the special butterfly valve is designed with an anti-misoperation device to ensure production safety. Equipped with special wheels to protect the clean area artesian floor from damage and leaving no traces. Fully meet the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.

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