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  Production process of solid preparation production equipment
  I. Overview of solid preparation production equipment
  Traditional Chinese medicine solid preparation: refers to the solid form preparation made of medicinal material extract, medicinal material extract plus medicinal material fine powder or medicinal material fine powder.
  Common solid dosage forms are powders, granules, tablets, capsules, pills, etc., which account for about 70% of pharmaceutical preparations. The common characteristics of solid preparations are: ①Compared with liquid preparations, it has good physical and chemical stability, lower manufacturing costs, and is convenient to take and carry; ② The pre-treatment of the preparation process undergoes the same unit operation to ensure uniform mixing of the drug There is a close relationship between the exact dosage and the dosage form; ③ The drug must first dissolve in the body before it can pass through the physiological membrane and be absorbed into the blood circulation.
  II. Production process of solid preparation production equipment
  Main preparation technology of solid preparation production equipment
  During the preparation of the solid dosage form, the drug is first crushed and sieved before being processed into various dosage forms. If it is directly mixed with other components, it can be directly dispensed to obtain powder. If the uniformly mixed material is granulated and dried, it can be dispensed to obtain granules. If the prepared granules are compressed and formed, they can be prepared into tablets ; If the mixed powder or granules are divided into capsules, they can be prepared into capsules and the like.
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