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Swirl bed granulating coating machine is a fluidized bed made of fluidized bed with blade structure, and the blade is inclined, allowing the air flow to pass through the gap between the blades to form a powerful circular air flow, so that the material is vortex. The orderly movement, and the pneumatic nozzle installed on the side wall at the same time spray the adhesive or coating liquid into the vortex material layer, so that the powder is made into particles or a continuous uniform coating film is obtained.
It is widely used in powder system granules and powders, granules, pills, films, enteric coatings, slow-release coatings, as well as coatings for various materials to mask the taste, moisture, water, color, heat, and isolation.


The swirl drives the air distributor to ensure the orderly movement of the material.
The swirling fluidization has overcome the phenomenon of ditch and dead angle.
The prepared particles are porous, instant soluble, high true sphericity, good surface gloss, strong compactness, and difficult to break.
Materials with poor moisture absorption and fluidity can also be made into qualified granules.

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